Tick Associated Diseases

I have noticed an upswing in the tick population and tick associated diseases this year. Our practice is unfortunately seeing more evidence of Lyme Disease and Ehrlichia. These and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are all associated with tick exposure. My own dogs in Eastern Jefferson County have been treated for Lyme Disease and Ehrlichia this spring.

These diseases are serious and can be fatal, we humans are also at risk with tick exposure. Consequently, I am recommending Lyme vaccination for all my canine patients at risk. The Lyme vaccine has been proven safe and effective. We sadly have no vaccine for the other tick born illnesses, so tick prevention is key.

Also, we are happy to advise you on our current flea and tick prevention recommendations. The external parasite situation is fluid with the Kentucky weather, and we will always strive to give you up to date advice.

-Dr. Ann Nevils

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